This was sent to me by a friend.  I am posting it on their behalf.

When thinking about what to choose as my focus for this article, I thought I had a lot of choice. I then realised the shows I like are more ‘Alternative Reality’ than ‘Virtual Reality’ which was not as helpful! I have therefore decided to do a review on the information we currently have on the upcoming Prometheus. According to my Twitter feed we have already discovered too much, one comment I had this morning was ‘finished stitching together the Prometheus trailers, the film was great’, so I am sure I will find just enough to review.
I am a huge fan of the Aliens franchise but admittedly I was dubious when Prometheus was hailed as ‘the new Alien’ and even more so when Noomi Rapace was dubbed ‘the new Ripley’ as I do not think that anyone can replace Sigourney Weaver. The first trailer confirmed my fears as its frantic pace and frequent close-ups of scared faces reminded me more of The Thing than Alien. I failed to get excited and ignored other updates until my friend posted the ‘Happy Birthday David’ viral ( if anyone hasn’t seen it). I chose to watch it because I cannot resist Michael Fassbender and it was definitely worth it. I did not realise there was an android in the film but I feel Fassbender portrays the character perfectly. Although David is designed to imitate a human perfectly the actor chooses to move slightly awkwardly so he still seems out of place in his environment.
There is also a section of the video when David is asked what makes him sad which I find particularly interesting. David is asked what makes him happy and sad and he comes out with wide clichéd answers, ‘war’ makes him sad, ‘children laughing’ makes him happy, and then proceeds to explain that he knows what makes humans tick and therefore can integrate with them perfectly. I cannot help but feel, however, that communicating with him would be like communicating with Google; it knows what you like and some of your habits but it doesn’t know you. I see that the lack of emotion and ability to individualise people would become a problem and I hope it is a major theme in the movie.
As for the rest of the movie, I think it will be a solid, interesting effort but it is labouring under an enormous shadow.


~ by dreamsofmachines on April 30, 2012.

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